Matthew Godfrey

Matthew Godfrey (Simon Bright) and Nicole Knudsen (Aggie Wheeler) are one of the reasons to see this show - perfectly suited for their roles, they give the show zing.

                                                                                                    Palisades News

The Game's Afoot.  Simon Bright.

24 Hour Clown Project.  Norbut Yetso.

The Trial.  Mr. Block.

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On Stage

On Camera


Was Ist Das?                                          Narbut Yetso / Producer          Crown City Theatre / Matthew Godfrey

THE 24 HOUR CLOWN PROJECT        Norbut Yetso                           Four Clowns / Mike Funt

THE GAME'S AFOOT or                        Simon Bright                            Theatre Palisades / Gene Franklin Smith


EAST SIDE STORY                                Ensemble Dancer                   Istanbul National Ballet / Aysun Aslan

CYMBELINE                                           Cloten                                      Write Act Rep. / Matthew Godfrey

THE TRIAL                                              Mr. Block                                 Write Act Rep. / Aclen Buyukturkoglu

A PATRIOT FOR ME                               Albrecht / Stanitzin                  Write Act Rep. / Larry McCallister

THE GENIUS                                          Gerald McCarthy                      Bitter Truth Playhouse / Joen Lewis

TRANSPORTS OF THE HEART            Napoleon Bonaparte                Write Act Rep. / Larry McCallister

SHIVAREE                                              Chandler                                  Amer. Renegade Theatre / Mark Hatfield

STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT                 Dr. Fogarty                              Judy Arnold Prods. / Rocky Kalish

LAURA                                                    Danny Dorgan                         Tiffany Theatre / Lynette McNeil

THEATRE (Canada)

HENRY IV PART 1                                Mortimer / understudy Prince Hal  


MYSTERIOUSLY YOURS                    Numerous roles and Various

Dinner Theatre

ROMEO AND JULIET                           Romeo                                 

ROSENCRANTZ AND                          Guildenstern                    
MEASURE FOR MEASURE                 Marianna / Mistress Overdone

CAN YOU SEE ME YET?                     Doberman

AS YOU LIKE IT                                    Duke Frederick

THREE SISTERS                                  Andre

THE COUNTRY WIFE                           Mr. Dorilant

LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST                     Dumain / Sir Nathaniel

MAD FOREST                                       Securitate / Angel / Painter


Godfrey is very fine as the lonely Chandler, able to portray the character's impressive displays of intellect both as a thirst for knowledge and as a shield against the world.

                                                                    LA Weekley

...and the very talented Matthew Godfrey who did so well last fall in "Laura" with Linda Hamilton at the Tiffany.  Godfrey is just terrific as the overeager bibliophile Chandler.

                                                              Valley Scene

Matthew Godfrey (as Danny Dorgan in Laura) Creates a vivid period portrait.

                                                        Hollywood Reporter