Created by comedy veterans and long-time Playground directors, writers and performers of comedy Janiece Jary, Doug Kayne, and the infamous Kaore Bonell. The Playground was inspired by famed stunt coordinator John Moio and 9 time Emmy award winning composers Steve and Julie Bernstein, and supported by Emmy award winning comedy writer Christine Zander and comedy screenwriter Mark Nutter.

Designed to give everyone the opportunity to learn how to make people laugh, a space to work on or continue to grow acting skills, to build confidence, be a part of a team, and just plain ol’ have a night of laughter. A referral only class, the Playground is a safe place to have fun while learning with stuntmen, actors, musicians, comedians, and friends on all levels of improv, veteran and new!

Clown-Prov: noun [kloun-prov]: Performance style. When Red Nose Clowns (think Cirque not Barnum and Bailey) perform in audience inspired Improvised sketches.

Clown-Prov 1.0


Matthew Godfrey