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A Cabaret Circus Variety show set in the raucous days of Berlin 1924 that is dedicated to presenting lively and inventive performances ranging from the absurd to the sublime! On any given night you might see Burlesque, Puppetry, Clown, Mime, Dance troupes, Solo Character sketch, Musical numbers, and a variety of Acrobatic & Circus performers doing their thing. Your hosts Gretel Heinz & Hermann Schnitzel  & their trusted butler Norbut Yetso vil move the stars to keep the sense of the 20’s alive und ROARING.

Next Show

Thursday July 27 at 8pm

A Bohemian Garten Party 

Ze Rules Do Not Apply!

Robert Patrick - Sings another delightful ditty and then some.

RaRa Sis Bomba - Trips the light fantastic!

Bill Posley -  Ya. Childhood vill never be the same.

Brady Spindel - 30 second acts of musical brilliance. Too much? No.

Kevin Krieger - A stand up guy.

Matthew Godfrey - Norbut Yetso (the butler) explains the universe.

Cheryl Rae Fidelman -  Poetry in motion. No really. It's poetry.

Lisa Moncure -  Last Valentine does her chair thing.

Ashley J. Trott -  Wrestles it to the ground.

Shigeru - Plays your baseball dreams out loud!

Michael Soldati - Is super human!

Amrita Dahliwal - Gets medieval on you. Can you take it?

Alec Jones Trujillo - Blows your inner mind.

Jason Poston -  Hermann sings a song.

Sarah Lewellyn - The Queen of everything.


Was Ist Das? 18

Matthew Godfrey