ISTA Festival: Guangzhou, China

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You Can't Do That on TV


The Universe (101)

Ignite and Fly: This Middle School Festival (with over 225 students) will explore how creativity makes us stronger both as individuals and as a community.

FAME: The Collectors Edition

Artist in Residence: Singapore

Matthew Godfrey

Clown workshops and consultation in support of of a production of "The Sussification of Romeo and Juliet"

At this festival we will explore the role art plays in the transformation and regeneration of the urban landscape.

FAME: The Collectors' Edition is the ultimate insiders' guide to show biz... 26 conversations that explore the truth about a world we can't get enough of. Featuring the stories of child actors (me) who starred on the Nickelodeon cult classic You Can't Do That On Television.

Welcome to the official page of Actor, Red Nose Clown and Teacher Matthew Godfrey (AKA Norbut Yetso).

Other Things

UK Theatre maker and mentalist Ian Harvey Stone (The Devil Without, Your Place or Mind, Monday Night Magic) will be teaming up with International performer, Canadian clown and Los Angeles cabaret favorite Matthew Godfrey. After a tremendous run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this due will be touring this show around the world. 


This is where I teach when I am in LA:  Joy Theatre, Sherman Oaks, California: Weekly Improv Classes and "LAUSDays Off" Intensive Day Camps.  Where Improv, Clown and Shakespeare Collide!

ISTA Festival: Hong Kong

Joy Theatre Residency