Matthew Godfrey

A Circus variety show set in the raucus days of Berlin 1924 that is dedicated to presenting lively and inventive performances ranging from the absurd to the sublime! Norbut Yetso (aka Matthew Godfrey) will be performing with Was Ist Das? on June 25 at The Three Clubs in Hollywood.

Welcome to the official page of Actor, Red Nose Clown and Teacher Matthew Godfrey (AKA Norbut Yetso).


This is where I teach when I am in LA:  Joy Theatre, Sherman Oaks, California: Weekly Improv Classes and "LAUSDays Off" Intensive Day Camps.  Where Improv, Clown and Shakespeare Collide!


Was Ist Das? 18

Joy Theatre Residency

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Campbell Hall Artist In Residency

Was Ist Das? 18 - Bohemian Garten Party: Ze Rules Do Not Apply!

A week long workshop culminating in a freshly devised live-streamed radio show. Students will spend the week developing stories, writing scripts, sourcing sound effects, building a foley stage and performing their creation.


October 2017

Ripley-Grier Studios

New York, New York

Teacher Master Class - TBD

FAME: The Collectors' Edition is the ultimate insiders' guide to show biz... 26 conversations that explore the truth about a world we can't get enough of. Featuring the stories of child actors (me) who starred on the Nickelodeon cult classic You Can't Do That On Television.

FAME: The Collectors Edition

You Can't Do That on TV

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